Culture & History

Culture and History


Corporate culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature. At Northwest Specialty Hospital our corporate culture is rooted in our mission statement. This defines our approach to our coworkers, our customers, our owners, and our community. We have two primary values at Northwest. 1. A commitment to excellence. 2.Compassion. It is with these values in mind that we work towards our vision.

At Northwest Specialty Hospital we embrace a culture of compassion. Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. The nature of medical facilities such as ours is to alleviate suffering. It is our goal as an organization to find individuals who value compassion as much as we do in order to deliver high quality care to our community. Some of the same patients we treat are family, friends, teachers or neighbors. It is important that we demonstrate compassion to all of our patients, guests, visitors, co-workers and partners that visit our facility.


Before the formation of Northwest Specialty Hospital , a group of entrepreneurial medical providers established North Idaho Day Surgery (N.I.D.S.). N.I.D.S. was an outpatient day care facility , which means that patients were treated and released the same day they were admitted.

In 1999, N.I.D.S. partnered with other local physicians and National Surgical Healthcare, Inc. (NSH). This new partnership named the new entity Northwest Specialty Hospital. By 2003, they had completed the construction of a new facility in Post Falls , Idaho.

Northwest Specialty Hospital was unique as it was only one of a few hospitals in the state or nation owned and operated by physicians.

According to the American Hospital Association there are almost 5,700 hospitals in the United States.. Of those hospitals just 240 are physician owned, which is only 4% of all hospitals in the U.S.

This is an important aspect to understand about Northwest Specialty Hospital. Unlike most hospitals, NWSH must pay taxes. Instead of receiving community funds, our physician owners are responsible for sustaining the hospital and its employees.

Northwest Specialty Hospital was founded with the belief that the relationship between the physician and the patient helps us better understand what patients need and desire. This has resonated throughout our community. As a result, Northwest Specialty has been nationally recognized and ranks as one of the best hospitals in the nation for patient satisfaction.