Northwest Specialty Hospital Becomes First Surgical Specialty Hospital to Offer Breakthrough Technology for Spine Surgery

Northwest Specialty Hospital and Axis Spine Center have become the first specialty hospital in the U.S. to provide personalized spine surgery with aprevo® patient-specific surgical plans and spine fusion devices. Unlike traditional approaches, aprevo® devices are tailored to the precise medical situation of each patient. Aprevo® has been designated by the US FDA as a Breakthrough Device and by Medicare as a Transformative New Device. No other technology available for spine surgery has received either of these designations.

“Northwest Specialty Hospital and Axis Spine are committed to providing all of our patients with innovative solutions that have been demonstrated to safely and effectively improve the quality of spine care that we offer,” said Roland Kent, M.D., co-owner of Northwest Specialty Hospital and co-founder the Hospital’s Axis Spine Clinic. “Offering aprevo® to our patients represents an important step to advancing surgical outcomes in spinal care and exemplifies our commitment to offering our patients the best care possible.”

Mike Cordonnier, Chief Executive Officer at Carlsmed®, stated, “Carlsmed’s aprevo® uses a data-to-device approach to precision medicine, which gives surgeons, patients, and hospitals confidence that each surgical treatment has been digitally optimized before stepping into the operating room.”


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