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ExcelsiusGPS robotic surgery Dr. Roland Kent

Spine Robot Surpasses 20K Cases

The ExcelsiusGPS® robot has been used in more than 20,000 spine surgeries globally, the system’s developer said July 15.

Globus Medical launched the robot almost four years ago to assist surgeons with the placement of pedicle screws, improve preoperative planning and boost OR efficiency.

“It was easy to learn and adapt into my operating room,” according to Roland Kent, MD, a surgeon at Northwest Specialty Hospital in Post Falls, Idaho, who has used the robot in more than 300 cases.

“I have experienced significant decreases in our operative times, whether it be a single position lateral, a simple [transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion] or a T10-to-pelvis deformity correction,” Dr. Kent said. “I use ExcelsiusGPS for almost every case I do.”

The robot has demonstrated an ability to improve accuracy, reduce radiation and decrease surgical times compared to conventional spine procedures, according to the company.

Article courtesy of Becker’s Spine Review