Patient Testimonials

Clinical Evidence

The Intracept Procedure is supported by two Level l randomized clinical trials. Intracept has demonstrated statistical significance compared to both standard care and sham, consistent improvement in both pain and function across both trials, and durable results beyond five years post-procedure. For more information, click here.


Relievant is committed to providing patients, physicians and facilities with resources to assist in the reimbursement process and to gain patient access for treatment with the Intracept Procedure. Relievant has a dedicated team of professionals to assist in the prior authorization of the Intracept Procedure. The prior authorization process involves obtaining advance notification from an insurance company that medical necessity and other coverage criteria have been met as set forth by the insurance company. The Relievant team works alongside the patient and physician throughout the prior authorization process in an attempt to obtain approval for the Intracept Procedure. For more information, click here.