Board-Certified Surgeons At North Idaho's Northwest Specialty Hospital Perform Various Procedures

If you’re looking for an experienced, board-certified surgeon in North Idaho, Northwest Specialty Hospital should be first on your list. Our surgical physicians are trained in various procedures and use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. At Northwest Specialty Hospital, we recognize that surgical procedures may be intimidating, so we work with you to ensure you know what to expect before, during, and after an operation. Our surgeons in North Idaho also seek to empower patients by putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to making important healthcare decisions. We believe in a team approach for the best possible outcome.

Surgeries at the hospital include, but are not limited to, ear, nose and throat; bariatrics, podiatry, orthopedics; pain management; neurosurgery; plastic and reconstructive surgery; general and gynecology.

Our Team Performs Many Different Surgical Procedures

Some of the procedures offered at Northwest Specialty Hospital include endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries, hernia repair, bladder procedures, acid-reflux surgery, and hemorrhoidectomy. Additional surgeries for women include hysterectomy, tubal ligation and reversal, endometriosis treatment, and breast surgery. When possible, our surgeons in North Idaho use minimally invasive procedures, which are modern surgical techniques that usually allow for less pain after surgery and a quicker recovery.

Northwest Specialty Hospital Surgeons In North Idaho Work For Your Care and Comfort

The board-certified surgeons at Northwest Specialty Hospital work with caution and care that result in safety and effectiveness. Your comfort is a top consideration, as well. Our surgeons strive to provide the best possible outcome while addressing and easing your concerns. You can look forward to recovery in an environment that emphasizes privacy, spacious comfort, and even a gourmet menu.

Contact Northwest Specialty Hospital to make an appointment to meet our surgeons in North Idaho today. We’re looking forward to meeting with you so we can share what we have to offer. We think you’ll be pleased to take part in the revolution in patient-centered care that is central to the Northwest Specialty Hospital mission.


Northwest Specialty Hospital houses the region’s only open air MRI, which eliminates the feeling of claustrophobia common to older, enclosed versions. It is also much more comfortable for individuals who have broad shoulder or who may be heavyset.

Northwest Specialty Hospital also houses its own X-ray and laboratory facilities. Endoscopic procedures are performed here by our specialists.