Receive Compassionate Care For Bariatric Surgery In North Idaho

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, we understand that the decision to have bariatric surgery in North Idaho is not an easy one. When faced with morbid obesity, patients can see bariatric surgery as a procedure that can literally save their life – and they’re right. Our doctors, nurses, and other staff understand the emotions involved with making the choice to have weight loss surgery. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools and information you need to feel fully prepared and completely comfortable with your upcoming procedure. All of this occurs in our facility that has been specifically designed for your privacy and comfort.

Video – Rick Rasmussen – Weight Loss Journey (Part 1)

Follow Rick on his weight loss journey from surgery to success.

Get Bariatric Surgery In North Idaho From Trusted Surgeons

Our surgeons have excellent success rates, professional demeanors, and the experience you can trust with such a large decision. We’ve formulated a comprehensive plan for bariatric surgery in North Idaho at Northwest Specialty Hospital. Patients go through an extensive screening process to ensure that they are ideal candidates, and are then educated about weight loss surgery, and the nutrition plan that follows. We feel that our success rate is directly connected to the careful and compassionate preparation that each one of our patients receives, and even our patient reviews support this. Our main priority is to help each patient improve the quality of their life, especially through bariatric surgery in North Idaho.

Reduce Threats To Your Health Through Weight Loss Surgery

To determine if you qualify for bariatric surgery in North Idaho, please contact us today. Most patients who qualify are at least 100 pounds overweight (or a BMI over 40) and have multiple comorbidities, which are health problems that are a direct result of obesity. These can include: high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, or a personal or family history of heart disease or stroke. You’ll be amazed when you visit our office and learn about our attentive postsurgical care, one-to-one ratios, and specialized education program.

Contact our office today to learn more about the bariatric surgery in North Idaho, offered at Northwest Specialty Hospital.

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