General Surgery

Compassionate Care Results In An Excellent Patient Experience
Booking your appointment for general surgery in North Idaho may make you anxious, but our care and attention to the details of your procedure and recovery are sure to reassure you. Our staff members will walk through all of the details of your upcoming operation, including pre-operative procedures, what to expect upon arrival, anesthetics, and what will happen following your surgery.

Here are some common General Surgery procedures performed at Northwest Specialty Hospital.

Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Surgery

Treatment Process

Initial evaluation begins with the team reviewing personal and family health history while exploring the ways acid reflux is impacting our patient’s quality of life. Every effort is made to provide complete information on the resulting symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

We utilize the latest imaging technology to view esophageal tissue and evaluate the structure and appearance of the gastrointestinal system. From there we can perform an array of testing, including pH testing, esophageal function testing, and an in-depth cancer assessment to help formulate an individualized treatment plan.

Treatment – Non-Surgical
Sometimes things as simple as lifestyle alterations, medications, and other changes can greatly impact the severity of acid reflux symptoms. Our staff works with non-surgical patients to implement these treatment paths.

Treatment – Surgical
To assess a person’s candidacy for anti-reflux surgical treatment, an evaluation with routine diagnostic tests will be required. These may include an upper endoscopy, high resolution esophageal manometry and impedance, and ambulatory pH testing. Additionally, some patients may require a barium swallow and/or gastric emptying study. Combined, these studies help your physician understand the anatomy and function of the upper digestive tract and will determine if surgery can be safely performed with an expected benefit to the patient. The surgical approach is specifically tailored to each patient based on results of these diagnostic procedures.