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Colonoscopy at Northwest Specialty Hospital

Recommended guidelines indicate that regular colorectal cancer screening should take place for people ages 45 to 75, depending on your race and other risk factors. Most colorectal cancers begin as benign (non-cancerous) clumps of cells, known as polyps, which can develop into cancer over time. Since polyps often have no symptoms, regular screening through colonoscopy in North Idaho is a very effective way to prevent and treat cancer early on. At Northwest Specialty Hospital, our team of experts provide outpatient cancer screenings in reassuring setting. Your health and comfort are our utmost concern.

Colonoscopy In North Idaho Recommended At Certain Ages And For Particular Symptoms
When you turn 45 or 50, an initial colonoscopy is recommended once every ten years if you are at average risk for colon or rectal cancer. If you experience bowel changes, abdominal pain, bleeding, weakness, fatigue, and/or weight loss, your doctor may recommend cancer screening regardless of your age. Colonoscopy in North Idaho is an extremely common procedure. Your physician will use a flexible tube outfitted with a tiny lighted camera to look for tissue problems such as swelling, ulcers, and polyps. In addition, abnormal tissue can be removed during the procedure, and biopsy samples taken for diagnosis.

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Early detection of colorectal cancers is the key to successful treatment and improved outcomes. Colonoscopy in North Idaho at Northwest Specialty Hospital is a trusted method of preventing and detecting cancers of the colon and rectum. Contact us today to learn more about your options for colonoscopy in North Idaho. Our experts are here to answer your questions in a caring manner.