General Surgery

Surgical Cancer Treatment

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, our board-certified general surgeons are trained to provide surgical cancer treatment. Surgery is one of the many weapons in the arsenal of high-tech tools to help you fight cancer. Our specialists work with you to design the best treatment plan to suit your needs. Due to our high staff-to-patient ratio, we are able to deliver considerate, personalized care. We also understand that a cancer diagnosis is frightening. We offer a relaxing, peaceful environment in which to recover from your surgical cancer treatment. Our supportive attention translates into our mission to offer you a quality health care experience.

Surgical Cancer Treatment Is A Powerful Means To Combat Cancer
Surgical cancer treatment is a well-established, powerful way to combat cancer. Cancer surgery is most effective against localized tumors, and may be used in conjunction with other treatments. The surgeon will remove all or part of the cancer. Sometimes surgery is used previous to a cancer diagnosis to prevent cancer, as in the removal of pre-cancerous polyps on the colon or in preventive mastectomy. It is also used to diagnose cancer.

Several Types Of Cancer Surgery Are Available At Northwest Specialty Hospital
Your doctor will determine the stage of cancer, and surgery sometimes is the best option for a cure, especially when the tumor is localized and hasn’t spread to additional areas of the body. When all of a tumor cannot be removed, a surgeon may also take out as much as possible so that chemotherapy or radiation will be more effective. Surgery can also involve cryosurgery, in which very cold material is used to destroy cancer cells, electrical currents, laser surgery, or laparoscopy.

Cancer surgery can sometimes be used to ease symptoms and improve your quality of life, rather than to treat the cancer itself. If a tumor presses on a nerve or bone, or impairs organ function, surgery may be utilized.

Contact us today to learn more about surgical cancer treatments at Northwest Specialty Hospital. We will work with you to answer any questions you may have and empower you to make the best decision for surgical cancer treatment.