Orthopedic Surgery

Hip pain can make it hard to walk, go up and down stairs, and get up from a sitting position. That means it can greatly diminish your ability to get around and to enjoy your life. Fortunately, surgical hip resurfacing in North Idaho makes it possible to get pain relief and experience freedom of movement. Northwest Specialty Hospital has a high staff-to-patient ratio during and after surgery. Our board-certified orthopedists truly care about treating you with high-tech options, and will work with you to decide the best route to take for pain relief.

Who Is A Possible Candidate For Hip Resurfacing In North Idaho?

Hip pain is usually first treated with exercise, walking aids (like a walker or cane), and anti-inflammatory medicines. When these methods don’t provide you with enough relief from discomfort, hip resurfacing in North Idaho may be recommended. Hip pain that is caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or an injury may be treated with hip resurfacing. North Idaho patients who are 60 years old or younger, larger-framed, do not have osteoporosis, kidney problems, diabetes, or avuncular necrosis may be considered for this treatment.

Resurfacing Has An Excellent Potential Outcome For Painful Hips

Hip resurfacing at North Idaho’s Northwest Specialty Hospital sometimes has advantages over traditional replacement surgery. Hip replacement can wear out 10 to 20 years after the initial procedure, and can be difficult to revise in subsequent surgeries. In hip resurfacing, North Idaho surgeons replace bone and cartilage, just as in replacement, but the femoral head is trimmed and capped with a metal covering, rather than being replaced. This can be easier to revise as patients age. In addition, hip resurfacing in North Idaho patients is associated with a decreased risk of dislocation, a more normal gait, and an increased range of motion.

Contact our orthopedic surgery team today to meet our doctors and find out if you are a candidate for hip resurfacing in North Idaho. We make it our goal to take a patient-centered approach to relieve your pain and get you back to the freedom you deserve.