Orthopedic Surgery

If you experience knee pain that affects your ability to perform simple everyday tasks, or your knees hurt even when you are sitting or at rest, you may be a candidate for knee replacement in North Idaho. Your knees need to be healthy to perform even the simplest of everyday activities. If these joints are damaged through arthritis or other injury, you may experience chronic swelling, inflammation, or even deformity. Northwest Specialty Hospital’s orthopedic experts understand that functional knees are essential to living an active, happy life. We will work with you to help you regain function and enjoy mobility once again.

Northwest Orthopedic Surgeons Specialize In Arthroscopic Procedures

Partial or total knee joint replacement, in which metal and plastic parts replace damaged portions of the knee joint, is performed more than half a million times each year in the United States. Our surgeons use the latest technology and techniques to help you regain mobility through knee replacement. In North Idaho you can trust that our orthopedic team will work hard to get you back to full movement as quickly as possible.

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, minimally invasive arthroscopic knee repair is used to diagnose and treat joint problems. This type of knee replacement in North Idaho generally results in less pain, blood loss, and scarring and results in a faster recovery.

Our Orthopedic Team Will Educate You And Provide Patient-Centered Care

Whether your knee difficulty requires open or arthroscopic surgery, we think you will benefit from our high staff-to-patient ratio before and after surgery, our large private rooms, and the relaxing, comforting atmosphere that our facilities are known for. We will educate you as to what to expect from knee replacement in North Idaho, about what physical therapy is required post surgery, and how to keep your new joint as healthy as possible.

Contact Northwest Specialty Hospital to learn more about knee replacement in North Idaho today.