Orthopedic Surgery

Healthy knees are required to perform the simplest everyday activities. Knees that are severely damaged by arthritis or an injury result in chronic swelling, inflammation, and even deformity. Sometimes you might even feel pain when sitting or at rest. At Northwest Specialty Hospital, we realize that functioning knees are essential to your quality of life. When you need knee surgery in North Idaho, our dedicated, expert orthopedic staff will help you regain peak functioning and enjoy mobility once again.

Arthritis Patients Obtain Freedom From Pain Through Knee Replacement Surgery

The most common condition leading to knee surgery in North Idaho is arthritis. Partial or total knee joint replacement, in which metal and plastic parts replace damaged parts of the joint, is performed more than half a million times yearly in America. At Northwest Specialty Hospital patients benefit from our very high success rate for knee surgery in North Idaho. You can trust that our experience will help you rehabilitate quickly so that you can obtain freedom from arthritis pain.

Return To Your Active Lifestyle Through ACL Knee Surgery In North Idaho

If you’ve suffered an injury from a sports activity, you may have torn your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), requiring reconstruction. Our surgeons may repair this common sports injury by replacing your torn ACL with a piece of tendon from another part of your leg or from a donor. At Northwest Specialty Hospital, we stabilize the knee so that patients can look forward to returning to their active lifestyle.

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