Plastic Surgery

Breast surgery is a safe, popular way to feel more confident and attractive, and has improved the self-esteem of thousands of women. Breast reconstruction, augmentation, and reduction refine and perfect breast appearance. These surgeries help women achieve the look they desire. At Northwest Specialty Hospital, our highly-skilled plastic surgeons will help you look your best. Together, we will work to determine the best breast surgery procedure to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated team provides individualized care in the safest, most comfortable, and relaxing environment for breast surgery in North Idaho. Gourmet food and quiet, spacious rooms ensure a pleasant experience.

Reduction And Augmentation: Obtain A Perfected Look And Unrestricted Lifestyle through Breast Surgery In North Idaho

Women in North Idaho choose breast augmentation surgery for many personal reasons. Breasts may look under developed, appear to vary in size, or change after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. Breast reduction surgery helps women enjoy an unrestricted lifestyle without back or neck pain. Reduction also creates a balanced, lighter, and more youthful look. Women who undergo breast surgery in North Idaho at Northwest Specialty Hospital may experience reduced physical pain and feel more feminine and self-assured. The care you will receive at our North Idaho facility is the reason we consistently rank highly in patient satisfaction surveys.

After Breast Loss: Compassionate, Experienced Surgeons Offer Reconstructive Breast Surgery In North Idaho

No matter how necessary, breast loss is a traumatic event. Breast reconstruction restores confidence and lessens worries about how you will appear to yourself and others. Reconstructive breast surgery in North Idaho at Northwest Specialty Hospital dramatically improves the quality of life in our patients. Our dedicated plastic surgeon uses advanced treatment techniques to ensure a result that is firm, shapely, and natural looking. Focused personal care guarantees the entire breast surgery experience is a pleasant one.

Northwest Specialty Hospital in North Idaho provides the perfect balance of technology, comfort, and caring bedside manner for your breast surgery experience, all at a competitive price. Contact us at 208-777-7850 to schedule an appointment.