Podiatric Surgery

At Northwest Specialty Hospital, we understand the serious discomfort and immobility that foot pain can cause. Our podiatrists offer the most modern, effective flat feet treatments in North Idaho. From initial consult to diagnosis to treatment, we are committed to providing you or your family member with comprehensive, effective care. Our goal is to get you back to pain-free movement.

Quality Flat Feet Treatment In North Idaho Is Available At Northwest Specialty Hospital

Flat feet occur in various forms, but all have partial or total arch collapse in common. Sometimes, individuals with flat feet experience pain and limited activity, but most often no symptoms exist. The condition can develop due to injury or simple wear and tear on the body as you age. Adults generally notice pain in the ankles, knees, and lower back, and sometimes experience swelling and inward ankle rolling when walking. Adults who do not receive treatment for flat feet risk arthritis and other painful disorders, some of which can lead to complete loss of function or cause tendons and ligaments in the foot to tear or rupture. If you have a concern about your feet, the physicians at Northwest Specialty Hospital are ready to discuss available flat feet treatments in North Idaho with you.

Make A Flat Feet Treatment Plan With Our Expert, Caring Staff

Our doctors will perform a complete history and exam. The podiatrist will examine your foot to see what it looks like when you sit and stand. The doctor will evaluate how you walk, your range of motion, and look for signs of pain or tenderness. If needed, x-rays may be performed. After diagnosis, treatments may include custom molded orthotics worn inside the shoe, and special stretching and strengthening exercises. When these methods don’t work alone, flat feet treatments sometimes include surgery. The type of surgery depends on the patient’s age, diagnosis, and degree of flat foot.

Regardless of the diagnosis, our experts offer the most thorough flat feet treatment in North Idaho. Contact us today to learn more about your options.