Podiatric Surgery

If you’ve seriously broken the bones in your foot, whether through a fall, sports activity, or trauma, you’re most likely in pain and may experience reduced mobility. The expert podiatrists on staff at Northwest Specialty Hospital will repair this damage through foot fracture surgery. North Idaho patients who require care for simple to complex breaks can be assured with a compassionate, relaxing setting.

Our Cumulative Experience And Patient-Centered Approach Mean You Get The Best Foot Fracture Surgery In North Idaho

Sometimes a foot or ankle that is severely broken requires foot fracture surgery in North Idaho to help maintain the correct position during recovery so that bones heal properly. The Northwest podiatry team boasts years of cumulative experience in these delicate procedures, which means that if you require foot fracture surgery in North Idaho, our hospital is the place to get excellent care. Our utmost mission is to get you on your feet as quickly as possible, and we promise to take the time to educate you about surgical options, recovery, and physical therapy. We want you to be in charge of your health, and our goal is to be part of a team approach to recovery that involves both patient and doctor.

Northwest’s Podiatrists Are Accomplished At Multiple Surgical Techniques

In the case of an open break, your surgeon may perform debridement to remove damaged and/or infected tissue around the injury to help reduce infection rates and improve healing. The preferred method of foot fracture surgery in North Idaho is open reduction and internal fixation. In this procedure, an incision is made in the foot to straighten bones, and pins, plates, or screws are used to hold the bones together internally. In external fixation screws are placed through the skin to hold fractured bones together by securing them to an external device. Foot fracture surgery in North Idaho has a high success rate.

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