Podiatric Surgery

When you suffer from foot pain or other complications, normal activities may be difficult or impossible to enjoy. Adults who experience these issues can suffer from pain in the feet, ankles, knees, and lower back, as well as swelling and immobility. In the case of children, prompt detection and proper treatment can minimize the impact on your child as they grow into adulthood. Northwest Specialty Hospital doctors are trained to treat podiatric problems. When you want compassionate, skilled care, top-rated Northwest Specialty Hospital is the place to remedy foot problems in North Idaho.

Qualified Podiatrists Treat Common Problems In North Idaho

There are many common foot and ankle ailments that cause problems in patients. Ingrown toenails, often found in children but can occur at any age, happen when the edge of the toenail grows into nearby skin, causing pain and infection. Plantar warts are caused by a common virus and often appear on the bottom of the foot. Corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus are also common ailments of the feet. All of these disorders can be treated at our Post Falls facility.

Foot Deformities Are Remedied With High-Quality, Individualized Care

Heel pain in physically active youth can be caused by Sever’s disease, which causes heel pain. Other various foot deformities can also cause podiatric problems. In North Idaho we treat individuals of all ages for flat feet, cavus foot, in-toeing, clubfoot, tarsal coalition, pinched nerves, bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, achillies tendonitis among other issues.

At Northwest, we’ll discuss your medical history with you, and then conduct a thorough physical exam. Sometimes x-rays or electromagnetic scans are recommended. Treatment may include rest, medication, orthotic shoe inserts, immobilization through cast or crutches, physical therapy, or surgery. Together we will determine the best course of treatment based on your individual needs. Our expert staff looks forward to working with you to relieve your foot problems in North Idaho at Northwest Specialty Hospital. Call us today at 208-262-2300.