Sleep Center

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Sleep Studies

Sleep studies to help us better understand how you sleep. As you drift off to sleep we carefully monitor how your body responds. These sleep studies are then used to diagnose issues like apnea, snoring, narcolepsy, nighttime behavioral problems, insomnia, periodic limb movement disorder, shift work sleep disorders, and seizure disorders. In order to better accommodate you and your schedule we offer three convenient sleep study options:

Night Studies

Come relax in the comfort of one of our luxurious rooms where you will be greeted by a member of our compassionate team of professional sleep technologists. Our rooms feature amenities such as large flat scree televisions, queen sized mattresses and a quiet environment to ensure that we provide the most peaceful sleep possible.

Day Studies

Can’t sleep at night? No problem. Many shift workers suffer from atypical schedules and we are happy to accommodate any sleep schedule you may have. Our facility and rooms have been designed to be quiet even during the day to ensure that you experience almost no disruption as you drift off to sleep.

Home Sleep Studies

Sometimes there’s no place quite like home and that’s ok. We offer home sleep studies as an alternative to those who prefer to rest and relax in the convenience of their own home. We will provide you with all of the equipment and instructions to complete the monitoring process at home. Once you return the equipment to us we will then carefully analyze the information and provide you the results.

Our Mission

At the Northwest Center for Sleep Medicine, it is our mission to help you feel more rested. We understand how important your sleep is to your health and happiness and are prepared to help. Contact our caring team today and let us return you to the peaceful sleep you deserve.