Spine Surgery

Excelsius3D™ Intelligent Imaging System

The Excelsius3D™ Globus Medical’s Intelligent Imaging System is now available at Northwest Specialty Hospital. An elegant extension of the Excelsius™ ecosystem, it provides unmatched imaging adaptability, intelligence, and automation. With integrative haptic-touch response and smart position memory to enhance execution it controls cone-beam CT, fluoroscopy, and digital radiography all in one consolidated system with a 50% larger field of view than the leading competitor.

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Our surgical spine program is one of the most innovative in the country.

High Performing Hospitals - Spinal Fusion

The Excelsius robotic arm navigation platform with one of the first, and most advanced intra-operative full body 3D scanners in the world that provides an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy. Complimented by an equally advanced surgical spine table with intelligent memory for precision placement, radio-translucence for amazing image clarity with and a built-in Tempur-Pedic memory foam pad. These technologies are designed to help increase our patients recover faster with fewer complications in a more comfortable environment. We also feature one of the first fully automated, robotic digital microscopes, the Modus V, with 3D visualization and AI-enabled voice-activated control, which allows us to perform more advanced procedures that make it easier to use minimally invasive surgical approaches resulting in less post-operative pain. Our surgeons were also among the first in the area to implement custom 3D printed surgical spine implants that are printed exclusively for our patients and have incorporated regenerative medicine as an option to improve recovery times.

As a center of excellence for spine surgery, some of the best spine surgeons have observed our use of surgical robotic techniques to improve their level of care. In fact, we have been recognized by US News and World Report as one of the highest performing hospitals in the nation for spinal fusion. Our board-certified, fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeons are thought leaders, authors, professors and experts in their field who work with a team of spine care specialists trained in other specialties who collaborate on a customized surgical plan for you. They perform their procedures at the award-winning Northwest Specialty hospital, which has been one of the highest ranked hospitals in the US for patient satisfaction according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, consistently for nearly a decade and features a host of culinary delights like steak, seafood and crème brûlée.

As a surgical specialty hospital, our procedures are elective allowing a thorough screen process prior to surgery. Our pre-surgical process begins weeks before surgery with classes designed to provide our patients the information they need about their procedure, their medications and what to expect. Our program also includes a comprehensive review of your medical history and provides you with the information you need to make you comfortable prior to surgery and know that you are in good hands. After your surgery has been completed one of our hospitalists who specializes in your post-surgical care will work with a dietitian on a plan to assist you recover as quickly as possible. Our surgical suites and patient rooms are cleaned regularly with not only the highest standards of care as recognized by the Joint Commission but implement a robot that disinfects our rooms utilizing a spectrum of ultraviolet light. It is one of the only robotic disinfection systems in the world proven to kill the virus that causes COVID and has demonstrated in more than 40 peer reviewed studies to effectively kill pathogens.

Despite our award-winning surgical care our surgeons have adopted a very conservative approach to the use of spine surgery. Our team of specialists implements offer an assortment of options including chiropractic care, physical therapy and interventional pain managements as alternative options for our patients to consider as our specialists as design the care plan with you. We believe that all options ought to be exhausted prior to surgery and encourage our patients to consider working with our specialists prior to choosing surgery and we want to give them the confidence to know that when they do, they are in some of the best hands in the world.