Spine Surgery

Most discomfort in the lower back heals over time in a roughly two to twelve week period. Sometimes though, patients are stricken with pain that is unresponsive to conservative treatment measures. When you experience disruption of everyday activities that cannot be relieved through exercise, weight loss, rest, and medication, your physician may recommend low back pain surgery. At North Idaho’s Northwest Specialty Hospital, our neurosurgery and spine team is composed of specialists who have many years of cumulative experience. We educate patients about options for low back pain surgery in North Idaho, and what to expect before and after the procedure, in order to promote optimal healing.

Herniated Discs, Fractures, Infections, Tumors, And Spinal Stenosis Relieved With Low Back Pain Surgery In North Idaho

Low back pain surgery in North Idaho is usually recommended to treat difficulties caused by herniated discs, which pinch and put pressure on surrounding spinal nerves. Patients diagnosed with degenerative disc disease are sometimes candidates for low back pain surgery. In North Idaho, surgical procedures are also sometimes recommended for spinal fractures, infections, tumors, or stenosis, which is often caused by arthritis.

Various High-Tech Procedures Put An End To Patient Discomfort

Our expert spine surgeons are adept at many techniques. During lumbar spine fusion, bone grafts are placed between the bones in the spine so that they can grow together to stop motion between the vertebrae and relieve discomfort. Microdiscectomy is a high-tech, minimally invasive procedure in which discs are repaired with much less damage to surrounding muscles than traditional surgery. In a laminectomy, your surgeon will enlarge the spinal canal to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nearby nerves. Finally, we offer total disc replacement, a relatively new method of low back pain surgery in North Idaho in which a defective disc is replaced with an artificial one.

Call us today to learn more about your options for low back pain surgery in North Idaho at Northwest Specialty Hospital. Our top-rated spine surgeons are here to talk with you about the relief you require to get back to enjoying an active life.