Spine Surgery

If you’re suffering from debilitating discomfort, Northwest Specialty Hospital provides the most modern methods of back pain treatment in North Idaho. Our spinal surgery team is consistently top-ranked, not just locally, but on the national level. We also offer a facility that is high quality, and includes gourmet food, private rooms, and a very high staff-to-patient ratio. These amenities, along with our genuine care for our patients and expert care make us an excellent choice for back pain treatment in North Idaho.

Surgery Is A Successful Method Used To Relieve Severe Back Discomfort

Sometimes medication, exercise, and lifestyle changes aren’t enough to relieve severe pain. At Northwest, we offer multiple types of surgical back pain treatment. North Idaho patients can expect our doctors to thoroughly explain all options, in order to give you control over your health. Together we’ll work to determine the best choice for your back pain treatment in North Idaho.

Surgical Back Pain Treatments in North Idaho Include Microdiscectomy, Fusion, ACDF, and Laminectomy

Disc herniation occurs when a spinal disc bulges into the spinal canal, which compresses nerves, resulting in pain and numbness. Our doctors perform microdiscectomy in order to remove the part of the disc that is pinching or pressing on the nerves. Minimally invasive procedures means less trauma to the muscles around the spine during the repair, so you will experience reduced post-op discomfort and a quicker recovery. During spinal fusion, bad discs and compressed nerves are removed and replaced with grafts that fuse together bones above and below the disc space. If your doctor recommends anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), you can expect both disc repair and bone graft placement. Another surgical back pain treatment in North Idaho is laminectomy, in which the doctor will decompress the spine and surrounding nerves by enlarging the spinal canal through removal of bone, bone spurs, and ligaments.

Contact Northwest Specialty Hospital today to learn more about your options for back pain treatment in North Idaho. Our attentive, expert spine team is available to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.