Spine Surgery

If you experience chronic, unremitting pain in your mid back, you may suffer from limited mobility. The Northwest Specialty Hospital spine team understands that discomfort and inability to move greatly diminish the quality of your life. Sometimes medication, exercise, weight loss, and rest are not enough to heal mid back pain successfully. When this is the case, you may be a candidate for thoracic spine surgery. We provide patient-centered treatment in a private, relaxing environment. We also strive to educate you about medical procedures and work with you to promote maximum healing.

Various Problems Can Affect The Important Mid Back Region Of The Body

Although the mid region of the spine is protected by the rib cage, it is also essential to everyday movements like twisting and bending. A herniated disc is where the disc bulges outside of its intended area and is one problem of the back’s mid region. In addition, patients suffer from bone spurs, fractures, tumors, and deformities in this area. Patients with arthritis may be diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal that leads to pain, pinched nerves, and numbness.

Northwest Physicians Offer Multiple Types Of Effective Thoracic Spine Surgery In North Idaho

Three types of basic procedures are offered in thoracic spine surgery to North Idaho patients. In microdiscectomy, the part of the disc that is pinching or pressing on the nerves are removed. This newer, minimally invasive procedure ensures much less trauma to the muscles around the spine during the repair, so you will experience less discomfort and a quicker recovery. During spinal fusion, bad discs and compressed nerves are removed and replaced with grafts that fuse together bones above and below the disc space. Spinal stenosis is treated with laminectomy to increase space in the spinal canal.

Make an appointment to meet our expert, caring physicians to discuss your options for thoracic spine surgery in North Idaho. We look forward to working with you to relieve your pain and help you resume freedom of movement.