Spine Surgery

Total disc replacement in North Idaho is a promising new procedure for patients suffering from lumbar (degenerative) disc disease. Lumbar disc disease causes low back and leg pain when the nerves near the affected disc become swollen. Sometimes the damaged disc can no longer absorb stress to the spine, which causes the spine to become instable. Although many people experience pain flare ups that are manageable and temporary, some patients are severely debilitated by lumbar disc disease and do not respond fully to conservative treatment measures.

Worn Out Discs In The Low Back And Neck Can Be Replaced With Artificial Materials

Fusion has long been the method of relief for lumbar disc disease sufferers who require surgery. About 15 years ago, a new technique was developed in Europe that is now available in the United States. Total disc replacement in North Idaho is offered at Northwest Specialty Hospital by our expert spine surgeons. In this procedure, an incision is made into the abdomen, and herniated or damaged discs are replaced with artificial ones. This can be performed in the lower back or neck. The artificial disc is held in place by ligaments in the spine, remaining parts of the original disc, and the force of compression from the spine itself.

Total Disc Replacement In North Idaho Means Quicker Recovery For Lumbar Disc Disease Patients

Total disc replacement in North Idaho patients offers advantages to traditional surgical fusion. Fusion sometimes causes the discs above and below the site of repair to have to carry more weight and motion, which results in amplified wear and tear to these remaining discs. Artificial discs appear to reduce this risk. At the same time, healing from total disc replacement in North Idaho is more rapid than with surgical fusion.

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